The dos and don’ts of picking the perfect tent pitch at a festival

Festivals are fun. No duh. But you gotta get your admin sorted before you can fully enjoy the vibe, dudes. And part of that admin is picking the perfect place to pitch your tent.



Here’s a few pointers:

1. In an ideal world you’ll arrive early, be first through the gates and have the whole freakin’ campsite to choose from.

sound of music

However, it’s more than likely that it’ll be filling up before you’ve even stepped one welly inside. So keep walking. 

2. Related to the above: Don’t pop your tent up in the first available space. Being closer to the way out might seem like a good idea, but you’ll also be the first tent to get trampled on. Or worse.

giphy (18)

3. Do scope out the land. Sounds crazy. But look at the angle of the field. Look at where the portaloos are. Is there more than one access path?


4. Do not under any circumstances pitch your tent near the portaloos. Srsly. If it’s sunny it will stink to high heaven and if it rains? Yup. River of wee heading your way.


5. Also, try your best to pitch up on flat ground. Sleeping on a slope is a nightmare. You’ll spend most of the night rolling into your porch (if you’re posh enough to have one).


6. Do try and pick somewhere nearer to the access path than not. It saves a lot of tripping over guy ropes in the dark.


7. Do also try and spy something that will help you remember where your tent is later. Maybe someone has a set-up like a circus tent next to you, or the hedge opposite has a pretty gnarly looking tree. Remember, remember, remember.

dont remember

8. Do quickly try and make friends with your neighbours. Just a “hello” or a short conversation about the line-up can mean that these people will also watch your tent while you’re away and they’re around. Handy!


9. Don’t antagonise your neighbours. There is no such thing as a quiet festival campsite, sure, but be polite in your revelry. Peace and love, man.

free hugs

(also, ‘free hugs’ is a thing at festivals. Roll with it)

10. Double check the “flat land” you think you’ve found for your pitch. If you’re in a gully then rain will collect there. Soggy!


11. Do pack extra tent pegs. Because even if you’ve found the perfect pitch, you better hammer that thing down. Save it from the wind, and from the hoards of people that will, without fail, trip over the some of pegs and rip them out.


12. Do: Have fun! Don’t stress about it too much. People are nice, they’re there for the same reasons you are. And don’t be afraid to ask for help setting up if you need it!


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Written by Sarah Clare

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