Bye bye PewDiePie! YouTube’s biggest star threatens to quit over ‘racism’

We all know and love PewDiePie, the hilarious creator behind YouTube’s most popular channel. He’s just been named the top earning YouTuber of 2016, raking in over $15million a year. But hold on to your hats folks, because he’s just come out with claims that he will be quitting YouTube!

Why, we hear you scream? Well, according to PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) it’s because YouTube may be sabotaging his channel because of his race. SAY WHAT?

In one of his latest videos, Felix says

“YouTube is trying to kill my channel. It is clear. It is happening if you watch my analytics. It is all going down! They want someone else on top. Someone really, extremely cancerous like Lilly Singh. I’m white. Can I make that comment? But I do think that’s a problem.”

Here is the full video, and you can skip to 8:40 to hear his explanation:

PewDiePie also acknowledges that YouTube may be targeting him because they’re looking for more and more click-bait videos, and that his content isn’t family friendly enough. He also has a problem with the lack of communication about changes, and the fact that his videos aren’t pulling in the views they should be because of YouTube’s mysterious algorithm.

And while we get that having his channel messed with by YouTube isn’t great, and that it’s hard to know when he’s being sarcastic sometimes, we’re more than a little concerned about his comments on race.

We personally think it’s freaking amazing that YouTube are looking to promote more diverse creators. Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, NigaHiga, Chanel Ambrose and the original YouTube boss Michelle Phan are some of our absolute faves and it’s never been more important to promote diversity and inclusiveness in our increasingly divided society and white-washed media. And it’s not like PewDiePie needs the views…

But apparently, Felix is pissed and is going to take matters into his own hands.

“I’ve decided the only way to stop my channel from dying – I know you are going to think I am joking – but I am going to delete my channel.”

Let’s see if he follows through, he’s currently at 49, 732, 551 subscribers…

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