MP! Exclusive: Perrie Edwards tells us about USA Pro, bum exercises, and superstitions

As you’ve probably heard, the ladies of Little Mix are teaming up with USA Pro to bring you the best and cutest in athletic wear. Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Ann, and Jade each gave us some insight on how they feel about staying fit, dealing with criticism, New Year’s resolutions, and more. Here’s what Perrie had to say.

USA Pro Little Mix

What’s next for you as a group?

Lots of things, there are still plenty of things that we want to achieve, obviously we have got our arena tour next year, but we would like to take it worldwide

You clearly have individual identities within your group, how would you like to describe your style?

I like to experiment with my style a lot, I’m the little hippie, boho one of the group, I’m quite girly but I can be quite boyish as well.  Fashion is meant to be fun and it should be experimented with, so whatever you feel comfortable in, rock it.  

Picture yourself at home and no one is watching, you have the chance to turn up the music and have a dance, who would you listen to?

I’d say Beyoncé.

Do you have specific people in the music industry that you look up to?

Erm I think Beyonce again, and Katy Perry, yes, just all of the successful women.

What has been you career highlight so far?

Singing at the 02 Arena.

What sport activities did you take part in when you was at school?

At school I was quite shy, so I did find sport quite intimidating, but if you just throw yourself into it, it can be the most fun thing ever.  We used to play the game with the parachute where you used to have to sit on it and it would be like a giant mushroom.  We also used to play cat and mouse, everybody would hold he parachute out, one person would be on the top crawling round and there would be a mouse underneath and you would have to catch them, and it was the most fun game.

Do you have any fitness goals? Do you plan to do any marathons or tough mudders?

I would like to do something for charity one day, if I got fit enough.

How do you cope with pressures of being in the spotlight? Do you struggle to keep up with the demands of being a woman in the music and entertainment industry?

I think it can be quite hard, erm, especially for a woman, because you can be scrutinised in every way possible.  I think that’s why you need to have a very think skin if you’re in this industry and you have to be very sure of who you are as a person.  As long as you’re confident, then you feel a lot better in yourself.  

What do you do to relax?

Lounge around in my onesie, stuff my face with food and watch TV.

Do you have any superstitions?

Loads.  I can’t walk on three drains, I can’t cross people on the stairs.  This isn’t a superstition, this is more of an OCD thing, but I can’t have the volume on an odd number, if somebody turns the volume up and it’s on an odd number, it makes me sick.  

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To not care what anybody else thinks.  

What will be you New Year’s resolution?

To not have one because I never keep them.  

Have you got any favourites from the new range?

I love the crops, they’re really nice and I like the way the pants sit.  I think especially for women, in the gym you can feel a little bit self-conscious if you’ve got all your bits on show, I think the way they sit quite high-waisted is nice.

What would be your top five ways to stay motivated?

One of the things that keeps me motivated is when we’re on tour, because the tour rehearsals that we have, and the preparation for it is so intense, that’s when I get fit, that’s when we all build our stamina, because it’s like exercising the fun way, to dance or do something you enjoy so it occupies you a bit, even Yoga, Pilates, or something like that.  

What are your fitness secrets?

It’s really random, but my mum said, doing little ten minute outbursts of exercise is actually more beneficial. So yes, I have my little ten minutes.

If you had ten minutes spare each day which exercise or activity would you do to best utilise you time?

Any kind of bum exercises, I don’t know how you describe it, but you know when your on all fours and you lift one leg in the air, then you hold and pulse.  I’d do that one, I do the one where you lie on your side.  Anything to benefit my bum, my legs and my abs, I do sit ups, crunches, arm exercises.

Which USA Pro products would be a must have for you to do a gym workout?

I would definitely take a sports bra, not that I’ve got big boobs anyway, but I can’t exercise without a sports bra.  

What are you most looking forward to about designing your own range with us?

I’ve already got my ideas prepared, I’ve already got a mood board, collages, I’ve got everything, I can’t wait!

When you do have your range out, what should the public expect to see in your new range?

I love the kind of pretty, girly gym wear, stuff that you feel comfortable in, stuff that you want to work out in and that you don’t feel self-conscious in. The trackies would be draw-string waisted, the Calvin Klein kind of boxer shorts to match the sports bra, so, sports top, high waisted knickers with the drawstring joggers, with a nice hoodie maybe, I think that would be nice to work out in, figure friendly clothes.

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