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Perrie Edwards is just like us: All she wants from a date is bowling and a good sense of humour

Being a pop princess like Perrie Edwards, you’d expect a lot of date requests and going out to lavish and luxurious places to be wined and dined, right? Well, maybe not…

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Since the heartwrenching split of Zerrie, Perrie revealed to ‘OK! Magazine’ that she hasn’t been in the dating game that much.

“I’m quite shy when it comes to dating. I haven’t been on a lot of dates but I have had some amazing ones in my time. I like it when a guy makes me laugh and is spontaneous.”

She also proved she’s totally down-to-earth with what she likes to do for date activities.

“I like people to be 100 percent themselves and not afraid to be crazy or do something outlandish or fun. I don’t like the typical ‘let’s go for a fancy meal’-type dates, that would make me too nervous. I’d rather go bowling or something.”

So casual, just like us. UGH, we knew we were soul sistaz, Pez.

We’re so glad that she’s enjoying the single life, though. And if you so happen to be asking Miss Edwards out on a date, don’t worry about a trip to an Italian and a bunch of expensive flowers. Just order out a pizza and have a good stack of movies or TV shows to binge on. That would actually work for us, too, in case you were interested.

What kind of dates are you into – what plans would you have for Perrie if you were to take her on a date? Tweet us @maximumpop and we may nab your ideas for our own love lives.

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