Perrie Edwards just got physical with this interviewer for asking about being dumped by text

Looks like Perrie wasn’t playing around when she penned these extra shady lyrics to ‘SOTME’. In fact, let this be a warning to all of you. Hell hath no fury like a Mixer scorned!


Whoa, that was fierce. Can we just take a minute to appreciate that?


OK good. Moving on.

Every Mixer knows that the subject of Zayn and Perrie’s breakup is a touchy one. As in, it’s so touchy we wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

Well some people just don’t seem to be getting it do they?

Last week Perrie and Jade completely ended an Aussie interviewer after he asked why Jesy wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. Things got brutal tbh.

Don’t mess with Little Mix! Perrie and Jade take down interviewer in the most brutal way possible


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And now the fearsome foursome have struck again. Literally!

Perrie recently revealed in the Little Mix ‘Our World’ autobiography that Zayn dumped her by text. Poor Perrie was left devastated, but if there was ever any doubt that she’s still a bruiser, consider it well and truly OVER!

One interviewer recently decided to mention the phrase ‘dumped by text’ and that was that! He touched upon the untouchable and had to pay.

Ouch. But before we go slapping an ASBO on Perrie for assault let’s get a bit of context. The interviewer actually was playing a game with the Little Mix girls where they had to slap him if they disapproved of some of the faux pas he made with his ex.

Jade also gave him a good old wallop for saying he turned ‘Dirty Dancing’ off before the final scene. Who does that!?

You can watch the full game here:

Let that be a lesson to everyone. Never, EVER cross a Mixer.

Do you think it was a bit mean of the interviewer to mention the phrase ‘dumped by text’ even if it was as part of a game? Let us know your opinion using the comments box below.

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