You let us know why Perrie Edwards is your angel and we are emotional wrecks

As part of our ‘5 Week until Glory Days’ countdown MP! has given you the chance to win a signed polaroid of Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards this week. We asked you to leave a comment on the article as to why you love Perrie Edwards and we have literally been in floods of tears all week at how cute some of your messages are.


We thought the messages were so heartfelt and sweet that you just had to see them. This is about to get emosh. Literally, prepare the box of tissues…

Charlotte de Visser

“Perrie helped me to get through some bad times. I have been a fan since 2011 and perrie was always my fave bc she was different. And i like those people. I look up to her . She inspires me everyday . Bc of Perrie I started to follow my dreams and not think like “how would he or she react?”. When i see pics or videos of her she makes me smile. And it made me really happy when I heard they were coming to Amsterdam for their Get Weird tour. And when i was at the concert i cried when perrie sang , she is just so special , her voice is incredible.”

Luce Turner

“Perrie is a huge inspiration to young girls. She’s gone through so much and come out the other side so strong and happy. She shows us all that whatever life throws at us, with the right people around you for support and with time, you can heal and bounce back stronger and more determined than before.”

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Jasmine Little

“Queen Perrie Edwards has influenced and changed my life so much and helped me through the hard times and has been there through the good.She doesn’t even realise how amazing she is and she never fails to make me smile/laugh and she’s so talented it’s unbelievable!I’ve never heard a voice like hers or as good as hers.

Lianne Cañares

“She’s such a strong woman dealing with everything that’s happened in the past years. i love how she’s such a dork in interviews along with the other girls. they’re just literally being themselves and that’s one of the many things i love about them. they don’t try to be someone they’re not. she slays so much when performing too; dancing while singing and not missing those notes. she’s super talented. She deserves all the happiness in the world.”

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Megan Scott

“Perrie always brightens my day and I LOVE her personality! She is so sweet,kind,funny,smart,and very strong! She inspires me so much! She inspires me so much to never give up and go forward. Her voice is so angelic and she inspires me to never stop singing. I look up to her a lot!”

Emma Mixer

“Perrie Edwards I LOVE YOU. She taught me and many other boys/girls that we’re GOOD ENOUGH. It’s in her DNA to sing that amazing and it MOVEs me when she sings. We are both WEIRD PEOPLE and I WON’T stop loving Perrie.”

Danique van Dartel

“Perrie is my favourite. She honestly is so inspiring and she’s helped me through so much (and she still does) She taught me to believe in myself, to be who i want to be and not to care what anyone else thinks. Whenever I am having a hard time she’s there to cheer me up and to make me smile whether it’s photos, interviews or music wise. She’s my little ray of sunshine. She’s honestly the loveliest person I’ve EVER met and I love how she cares so much about the fans.”

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Lauren Rivas

“Perrie is such an inspiration to me, I’ve always struggled to fit in or be myself completely. Perrie shows me that it’s totally fine, hell she even advises to be different and those who actually care about you or want to be friends with you will come and stay. I’ve recently moved to a new school where I don’t know anyone and the school is pretty small and no one has the same taste in music, style, and humor as me, so I constantly struggle with being myself but then I see Perrie being carefree and just doing her things it gives me motivation and encourages me to be myself.”

Sidra Tariq

“Perrie is one of the most inspirational people ever! Her voice is amazing, she has great fashion sense too! She is my role model and I would like to be exactly like her when I’m older! Also Little Mix is my favourite band ever! And my little skate is obsessed with little mix too!”

Laetice Mdj

“Perrie is beautiful, cute, funny, talented and she’s one of my angels.”

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Sandra Crawford

“I’ve been a huge fan of little mix for five years, they have helped me so much and made me so happy. Perrie especially this year after I lost my dad I realised all the hard times she’s been through and how’s she’s came out the other end and is so happy now. Perrie never fails to make me laugh in all their interviews and videos and is such a role model. I would love to win this signed Polaroid of her so much.”

Eugene Ma Zyra Sunga

“I srsly love the girls with all my heart. Im from Manila, Philippines and I have seen them just once. Theyve been my inspiration for the longest time now. The girls helped me alot with my confidence and now i am proud of who I am.”

Houseof Jagmac

“Perrie is very important to me because she has a gorgeous sense of style and a positive attitude 24/7 that inspires me so much to be a better person. Without her I honestly don’t know what I would be like, but I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

Rebekah Meek

“I love Perrie as no matter what situation she is in, she manages to stay calm and she keeps her cool and I admire her for that! I also love their music and the band’s music as their music is amazing!”

It’s not too late to have your say as to how Perrie Edwards inspires you. Keep the conversation going using the comments box below.

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