Oh No! Perrie broke down during the Little Mix livestream. Here’s supporting Mixer messages for you Pezza.

Break ups are tough and while Perrie has been putting a brave face on after Zerrie’s split, sometimes you have good days and bad days.

When Perrie broke down, the girls and fans were all so supportive for her and prove they all have a strong connection.

While not every Mixer could be at the livestream, thousands of tweets were sent out in support of Pezza and we have some of the best ones here.

It’s hard seeing one of the people who make you happy be sad :(

We just want to cuddle her.

We are so happy she has a supportive team around her!


Even people who aren’t fans of the girls were supportive of Perrie.

Little Mix hug

Everyone who has been through a break up has the right to let out their emotions and Pezza has been such a strong woman soldiering on with her fantastic career. We salute all Mixers who have been supporting her through this difficult time and demand her and the girls have a PJ Disney day ASAP.

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