13 things you only understand when you’re on your period

Girls, we’ve all been there. It’s a god-damned curse and we know we’re not alone in the struggle of this, so we decided to share our rage via the language of GIF.

1. That random week when you just start getting emotional for no good reason

kylie crying

2. But then a few days later when you go to the toilet there’s an explanation there and you knew you weren’t weak after all

knew it

3. Then you realise this means it’s THAT time and you just can’t be dealing with it right now


4. The pain kicks in and it’s like you’re a walking wounded at war

Back pain

5. Suddenly you want to eat absolutely everything


6. You have such a low tolerance for people’s stupidity

fuck you

7. And when they have the audacity to ask you what’s wrong…

period 2

8. When you wake up in the morning and it’s Niagra Falls…

Period 1

9. And anytime a guy says “it can’t be THAT bad”

No uterus

10. Your understanding girlfriends ask you how you’re doing and it’s like…


11. But because hormones are so messed up right now, when you see your crush, you be like…

turned on

12. Even though you feel like crap and have all the emotions right now, you know you still cute

Cute gif

13. But when you’re finally off, it’s like total and utter freedom

free gif

Have we missed anything?  Tweet us some relatable moments @maximumpop and let’s cry together over the realism.

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