Niall Horan has apparently done something not quite so perfect in One Direction’s music video for ‘Perfect’

The boys of One Direction dropped their latest music video yesterday for their newest single, ‘Perfect’, and we’re sorta   OBSESSED. The video features a black and white One Direction in New York City in the summer. What else could we possibly ask for?!

One group of critics, however, doesn’t think the video is as perfect as it could be. Golf experts over at Golf Digest seem to think that Niall’s hotel mini-golf swing is slightly not  up to par (pun intended). They even dare to deem his putt amateur. However, Niall still manages to get the ball in the can without the help of some video magic.

Since he does end up getting it in, Golf Digest writes, “You can’t argue with the result, and in a way, the open face of the stroke helps to counter the outside-to-in path, so maybe he’s on to something.” He’s NIALL HORAN, of course he’s on to something.



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Written by Julia Contorno

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