7 perfect moments that proves #girllove really does conquer all!

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Lilly Singh’s #GirlLove initiative is literally the best thing you can have on your Twitter feed, and really, in your life. Trying to boost appreciation between women, rather than encouraging this horrible thing where girls put down other girls.

That needs to stop. And Lilly Singh might be teaching us all ‘How to Be a Bawse’ in her new book, as well as online. It’s magical. It’s real. And this is proof that it totally slays:

1. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Lilly Singh speaks about the inspiration she found in gal pal Selena Gomez:

This girl has unintentionally schooled me on how to be yourself…because there’s a difference between yourself and then just truly being unapologetically yourself, that’s where you want to get where you’re like “I love every part of myself. I don’t care. I got love handles, hell yeah I’ve got love handles. I love my love handles.” You know?

We know. We try to know. Loving yourself is an ongoing battle. Loving each other should be easier, right?

2. Celebrating this outstanding achievement:

And the reactions and support are just everything:

3. The positivity for @moana_haydar and her stellar song ‘Hijabi’

QUIZ: What’s your superpower based on your feminist ideals?

Pick a unicorn and we’ll give you some Lilly Singh life advice

4. Because breaking down stereotypes and building up positive stories is one of the best things girls, and all humans, can ever do for each other:

5. Because sometimes the message only needs to be simple:

6. But it’s these reminders that get us through the day sometimes:

7. Take a leaf out of Lilly’s book, be a BAWSE, rock the world:

What’s your fave #GirlLove moment? Share it with us in the comments!

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