Perez Hilton responds to claims that he’s stalking Gaga. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has issued a statement on his blog about upset he is over claims that he is stalking Lady Gaga (Note to Maximum Pop: Start a feud with Gaga to get more site viewers).

In the statement Perez explains how he has wanted to return to living in New York for a long time now and didn’t even realise that Gaga lived in the building that he was viewing (but weren’t they bffs?).

Hilton explains how he is “devastated” and added “my heart hurts that my former very good friend, and person I used to call my ‘wifey’ and travelled the world with, is making very public and very untrue allegations about me on Twitter.” Poor Perez!

But why did they even fall out? Unfortunately for us, the God of Gossip isn’t letting slip on that one, explaining “it is still too painful for me to go into detail about why I chose to no longer make her a part of my life,”- sound serious!

Perez, however, does end the statement on a friendly note, stating: “Notwithstanding my feelings about our personal relationship, I do wish Lady Gaga happiness and continued success and I assure you my family house hunting has nothing to do with her.” Does this mean that this Twitter feud is over before it’s even started? We highly doubt it. Stay tuned for more Perez/Gaga updates. POP BITS OUT.

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