People are attacking Selena Gomez for photoshopping her latest selfie and we’ve had enough!

This has gone too far

Tbh right now we’re five seconds away from making a ‘Leave Selena alone’ video.

Selena had a rough 2016. God knows. And it was fantastic to see her back to her old self at the end of last year with her elegant and eloquent AMAs speech, but it seems like people have already forgotten her words from that day:

“I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need any.”

It wasn’t just empty sentiment. Selena really doesn’t need anybody to tell her she is beautiful. She doesn’t need anyone to point out her flaws. And she certainly doesn’t need people calling her out for a stupid thing like photoshopping.

We all know that most things on Instagram have been edited and filtered to kingdom come. It’s a fact of life, even when you’re a gorgeous, show-stopping pop star like Selena Gomez.

And to be honest in our humble opinions there’s nothing really wrong with that. As long as you’re healthy in yourself why not play around with filters like on Snapchat if it makes you happy?

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A photo taken of Selena by Hung Vanngo recently surfaced and everybody seems to be completely up in arms about it. Vanngo is a celebrity makeup artist whose work we’ve admired for ages. He’s shot for Karlie Kloss, Lily Alridge, Ashley Benson and loads of other famous people. He has some serious skills.

But people aren’t happy with his latest photo of Selena.

If you look at the bottom left hand corner you can see that the photo is slightly warped, the wall has a bump in it which quite clearly is not natural (unless someone took a sledgehammer to it at some point…).

And now people are at Selena and Vanngo’s throats for photoshopping. Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon, from Her to the Huffington Post and it’s really disappointing.

Of course, it’s not cool at all when photoshop is used to slim the star’s waist or arms to make them appear thinner. We definitely don’t agree with this under any circumstance because everybody should be happy with their own shape.

It is especially wrong if a photo is edited against the star’s own will, but Selena has been working with Vanngo for ages now so she clearly does approve of his work. Also, Selena’s waist isn’t in this at all, so there can’t be any malicious intent behind it. We know that Selena would never advertise a fake beauty standard.

Luckily, Seventeen consulted their expert as to why Vanngo would have used photoshop in this case and they revealed that it was most likely to give Selena’s hair a little more volume. That’s all. Everybody chill.

Keep calm and trust Selena.

Let us know where you stand on this one using the comments box below.

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