11 pencil cases that do more than organise your pens, they’ll organise your life!

The thing is, pencil cases are more than just a handy way to stop all your stationery rolling around the bottom of your backpack. When you think about it, they’re a part of you on display… for everyone to see.


It’s a statement laid out in front of you. So why not make sure that statement is a statement for good? Bet you never thought a cloth pouch and a zip could mean so much.

  1. Motivate yo’ self.

2. Always own your awesomeness. And let others know about it.

3. When no one else knows the answer… (no one alive, at least)

4. #priorities

5. Truth.

6. We run this mutha.

7. A reminder to you, and also to anyone who happens to glance upon this:

8. Because you’re living in a wizarding world, and you are just a wizarding girl:

9. Say it how it is. In other words: HANDS OFF, SCROTS!

10. It’s sometimes easy to forget this simple little statement.

11. This too. This is important. Organise your thoughts like this. All day, every day.

It’s just something simple to sit on your desk each day and remind you that you’ve got this. To get your head in the right space for owning whatever you’re doing.

Organise them pens. Organise yourself. Word.

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Written by Sarah Clare

Sarah is the Lead Writer and Design Queen here at Maximum Pop! Sarah holds an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University, and a BA in Creative Writing with English Literature from Marjon (BIG UP THE MARJON MASSIVE!). Sarah joined MP! after seeing an advertisement for writers on Instagram – because where else would a design master find their dream job?

Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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