We speak to John Green, Nat Wolff and Jake Schreier all about ‘Paper Towns’… and eyebrows.

We already know that ‘Paper Towns’ is going to be the biggest movie to hit cinemas this summer and we cannot wait to get lost and found with it. But whilst we’re waiting for it’s opening on August 21, we’ve been lucky enough to have a chat with the film’s director Jake Schreier, Nat Wolff who plays Quentin in the movie and the author of the book himself John Green. And luckily it all went down a lot better than THAT Cara Delevingne interview.

First up is our mega-quick chat with John Green and Nat Wolff where we spoke WhatsApp, hippos and eyebrows.

We’ve seen your vlogs together and you seem like pretty good mates and obviously you must know Cara really well now so do you have a group message that you text each other on?

John: Yeah we do actually!

Do you? What was the last message you sent everyone on it?

John: I don’t know if I can say it out loud.

Nat: Mine was a picture of a hippo that escaped from a zoo and I said ‘How jealous are you of this hippo?’

Amazing. Any reason for that?

Nat: I love hippos and it was like the most ultra happy hippo. It was walking in like three inches of rain on a street just being like ‘FREEDOM!’

Cara is obviously famous for her eyebrows and there is an eyebrow removal scene in the film where Margot shaves somebody’s eyebrow. Did that genuinely happen? Did his eyebrow genuinely leave his face?

John: You actually see the eyebrow in his hand. It happened genuinely in the sense that you he was left without his eyebrow.

After that we got whisked off to have a natter with Jake Schreier, who directed the film, and you can find that on our YouTube channel below.

‘Paper Towns’ hits UK cinemas on August 21.

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