Could sci-fi adventure movie ‘Pandorica’ be the British ‘Hunger Games’?

Have you finished binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix? Because we need you to add one more sci-fi adventure film to your list (don’t lie, you’d love to). And this one was filmed in the UK, so we’re excited to see how it compares to the Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters we know and love.

Directed by Tom Paton, ‘Pandorica’ imagines a world where people are forced to change to a simpler way of life. It follows the trials of three young characters on a dangerous journey to become the next leader. It looks a bit like ‘The Hunger Games’ with British accents!

The film is released in cinemas from 1st April and available to pre-order on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital. Check out the trailer below:

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