Exclusive interview with new band Overload: “Stay with us for a week and you are gonna get pranked.”

Say hello to your next big obsession, Overload aka Ollie, Jordi, Ryan and Joey. In our exclusive interview the boys talk pranks, setting their nans on fire, and pressure to be the next big boyband.

How did Overload become Overload?

Ryan: Well our manager put us together.

Jordi: Yeah, I mean Overload came together by our manager Blair, he found us on all the big social networking sites.

Ollie: So for example sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, places like that.

Ryan: We all felt we got on really well with each other and we really worked well together too so it all started there really.

Joey: It was a total shock but I have always loved the thought of being in a band, I used to look up to boybands when I was younger, so it was great.

How did each of you get in to singing?

Ryan: Just walking round the house singing along to music my mum was playing, really. I always used to be walking round the house singing along to what she was listening to!

Jordi: Well I’ve always sung around the house and when I’m out and about so I guess it just all started when I was little.

Joey: My family are all musical so I basically grew up going to shows and listening to my family practice so I guess I picked it up from there. Music plays a huge part in my life, I don’t think I could live without it.

Ollie: My parents used to listen to a lot of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley when I was younger, so I used to always sing along to them as a young kid.

Who inspired you to follow a career in music?

Jordi: Justin Timberlake is a huge inspiration to me in many ways, and music is one of them!

Ollie: I knew he was gonna say that hahaha!

Jordi: Obviously… he’s wicked!

Joey: I’d say my family and friends, I’m lucky to have people around me who have always told me to follow my dreams, I’ve got the best job in the world and get to meet so many amazing people.

Ryan: Awww, that was quiet a sweet answer Joey.

Joey: Oh shut up Ryan haha!

Ollie: Again for me I’m a bit of an old school guy so Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley… all the old greats!

Ryan: For myself I was always inspired by a lot of the young acts like The Biebs or Conor Maynard. It’s wicked to see them do so well at the same age as us boys.

As you mentioned before, you’re managed by Blair who previously managed Union J, does that make you feel any added pressure to be as successful as them?

Ollie: I would say there’s always pressure to do well in general, but not pressure to be as successful as another band or artist.

Ryan: I wouldn’t say so, no. I mean Union J have had a great year and done really well, but I think for me and the boys it’s about meeting our own personal goals really.

Jordi: Same as Ryan really. Yeah, of course Union J are doing really well at the moment but I think we’ve just got to be ourselves and see where that takes us.

Joey: Not really, we are a younger band and haven’t had the platform of a multi million-pound TV show to launch us. I think what makes us different is we are building an organic fan base and are working independently. We have met the boys they’re really cool guys!

What is your best moment of being in Overload so far?

Joey: Oh God, there has been LOADS!

Ryan: To be fair there’s been loads so far but its got to be Wembley!

Jordi: Yes definitely! Being in front of a sold out Wembley Arena.

Ollie: That was literally so insane!

Jordi: The minute I walked onto the stage I realised this is definitely what I want to do.

Joey: I’d have to say Wembley as well. All of our own shows have been great but just being on that stage felt amazing and I’d love to be successful and be able to do that everyday!

Ollie, we saw your nan nearly get set alight in your lantern video on Instagram. What other funny things do you boys get up to at home?

Ryan: Some of the stuff we get up to is hilarious. I remember once we had a massive shaving foam fight.

Jordi: That was classic!

Ryan: I just remember Ollie sneaking up behind Joey and squirting loads in his ear!

Jordi: Ah yeah, that was when we trashed the house with talcum powder, whipped cream, and Tabasco sauce. It was not pretty…

Ollie: I just remember Joey running around with the sauce flicking it at everyone!

Joey: It’s not fair though, I’m always the one that ends up always cleaning up shaving foam, flour, all things like that. It’s a nightmare! We are always pranking each other. Stay with us for a week and you are most definitely gonna get pranked!

Ollie: I’m still waiting for you to get revenge for when I pushed you off our boat into the lake.

Joey: It’s coming, trust me!

We saw you took part in Soccer Six last year, who was the most competitive?

Ryan: Ollie’s competitive, he absolutely hates losing! He’ll always be in it to win it.

Ollie: I just don’t like losing, okay?

Jordi: We actually weren’t that competitive, other teams were acting like it was the World Cup!

Ryan: I can’t tell whether they were competitive or we were just really bad.

Jordi: Yeah, to be fair I think we were just happy to score at least one goal, laugh and make ourselves look stupid.

Ollie: *cough cough* …And who scored that goal? Moi!

If you could each date any celebrity, who would you pick?

Joey: We all know who Ollie’s going to pick…

Ollie: Okay, so I have a really big crush on Jesy from Little Mix.

Ryan: I have to admit I have a big crush on Michelle Keegan, so probably her.

Jordi: I knew you were both going to say those! I think for me I’d say Ariana Grande.

Joey: I’m with Jordi on this one, Ariana Grande is beautiful!

We would like to use you for our famous Daily Nipple Pic at some point,so who gets naked the most? Can we get a pic?

Ryan: Ollie’s always half naked! Like literally always! So I’d say him, I’m not quite sure if I have any on my phone. I’m sure there will be one on Twitter though, he loves a selfie.

Ollie: There’s not that many….

Jordi: Oh to be fair, there are a few!

Joey: I’d say Ollie is the one who is naked the most as well, there are plenty of pictures on our Instagram!

Ollie: What is this? Gang-up-on-Ollie Day?

Jordi: Just for a laugh I’ll say Ollie as well then!

We’re not sure if you’ll be comfortable with this next question but we have to ask it because, basically, it’s the question that everybody wants the answer to… Cats or Dogs?

Jordi: I’m offended by this one! Just kidding… I’m a dog guy.

Ryan: I like cats! Actually I love Joey’s cat! When we go to Joey’s I just sit and chill with his cat.

Ollie: I like Joey’s cat as well to be fair, but I’m a dog person really!

Ryan: I was bit by a dog when I was little actually… Scary times!

Joey: I find cats hilarious, I’m always tweeting pictures of funny cats and whenever I’m bored I go on YouTube and watch funny cat videos, so for me it has to be cats.

If you had to adopt Spice Girls style nicknames, what would you pick for each other?

Ryan: Jordi would definitely be Posh Spice! I know that much.

Joey: Haha, Jordi as Posh Spice, I have to agree.

Ollie: I would have Ryan as Baby Spice because he’s the youngest.

Jordi: I think Joey would be Scary.

Joey: Scary Spice?

Jordi: Yeah, and then Ryan would be Sporty Spice and Ollie as Baby Spice.

You have over 100,000 followers on Twitter, how do you keep your fans updated?

Ryan: We always keep our fans updated! They always know what we’re doing. We’ll put it on Twitter and post photos! Its important to us that they are a part of what we do.

Jordi: Yeah, just by just interacting with them all throughout the day and keeping them up to date on what we are doing as much as we can.

Joey: We literally let them into our lives, and let them know our every move! I love interacting with the fans, they are the reason we are here and we are so blessed to have them.

Ollie: I love emjois when I tweet, like the little faces! Yeah as the boys said, telling them where we are and what we are doing on a day to day basis! We use other social networks to do it as well like Facebook and Instagram.

What do you hope to achieve in 2014?

Ryan: Well I think the main goal is to get a single and an album out there!

Ollie: I’m really looking forward to see what fans think of the kinda music we’ve been recording.

Jordi: I’m excited to see what they think once the single is released, and of course I want our fan base to grow as well!

Joey: That’s something I really want to focus on actually! Having our fan base grow and be able to visit as many people as I can. I love meeting people so much and hopefully our single will be coming out this year. It’s going to be an exciting year for sure!

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