1D Announce New Fragrance ‘Our Moment’. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. Pencil Cases. Lunchboxes. Films. Albums. Posters. Cardboard Cutouts. Pop up stores. It seems as though 1D have launched their own everything. Now they can add perfume to that looooong list. The(Live While We’re) Youngsters launched their first fragrance today and they called it ‘Our Moment’. But why did they decide to make a fragrance for women? Did Zayn think Perrie needed some freshening up? Of course not! The guys decided to make 1D perfume because of a fan petition asking for it. That’s the type of band we like- one who makes awesome pop music AND listens to their fans. The fragrance smells fresh, sweet and subtle and comes in adorable pink packaging that will have every die hard directioner drooling. ‘Our Moment’ will be available at Harrods from the 25th of August before being released everywhere else on September 9th. We’re sure this is the ‘One Thing’ on the top of every 1D fans wish list right now. POP BITS OUT.

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