MP! Reviews: A raving review of One Direction’s OTRA Baltimore (from a view to DIE FOR).

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing the One Direction boys on their first US leg of the OTRA tour in Baltimore. Our seats were absolutely killer, being the seat right next to the catwalk right in the middle of all the action. Now we’ve seen the boys many times, and this is easily one of the best they’ve been live.

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The first question running through our head was ‘What’s it going to be like without Zayn?’. Honestly, it did not lack the energy, liveliness, or excitement it did with Zayn apart of the group. Obviously, there were only four boys on stage, but those four boys put on an incredible show for over 70,000 people. The view we had was incredible, but no matter where you sit the show is still one for the books.

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The biggest rush of the concert is right in the beginning when the lights turn off, and the pictures of the boys start rolling on the large screens in front of us. Then it goes silent and… CLOUDS. Not to mention the fireworks.

The boys hit all the notes, including most of the high notes Zayn would have sung. They did not fail to interact with the crowd so often, which made the concert only more enjoyable. If you waved, they would wave back, and they threw kisses, peace signs, and smiles everyones way. They acknowledged fans all around the stadium, not just the front, and read and commented on the signs everyone worked hard on.

One of my favorite interactions we had was with Harry, when he made the crowd scream ‘OH YEAH!‘. He came right over to our section, and we even got it on video. ;)

In our opinion the best songs performed were ‘Drag Me Down’, ‘Girl Almighty’, and ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’. This is because  of the insane energy, and effort the boys put into performing those songs. Liam even said that ‘Girl Almighty’ was his personal fave from ‘Four’, which then made it one of our faves of the night. However, each song had it’s own special flair. For example, during ‘Act My Age’. Niall did a little Irish Jig during each chorus, which made the crowd go wild. Similarly, Harry’s high notes in ‘Drag Me Down’ brought out all the screams as well as when he got down on his knees during ‘Girl Almighty’.

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The One Direction crowd is a crowd like no other. There are girls and boys ranging from babies, to college grads. There are parents galore, who too are fans themselves. There are boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, and best friends who accompany their fan and who leave a fan, themselves. One Direction puts on a show like no other, bringing in a crowd of 70,000 people per night like no other.

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You fall in love with One Direction all over again when you see them, and that is what happened to us last night. We laughed, cried, screamed, and smiled and we have no regrets. We felt at home, even though we were surrounded by strangers and for three hours we were in our own paradise.

So thank you, One Direction, for the most amazing night of our entire life and we’ll see you in three weeks.

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Written by Julia Contorno

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