stereo kicks

Want to know other random Stereo Kicks facts?

  • The band auditioned for X-Factor as solo artists, but were put into a group just before Bootcamp.
  • Chris Leonard worked in a bar in Ireland before he joined X-Factor
  • James Graham volunteered at a music studio in Essex before he joined X-Factor
  • Tom Mann is a musician and football coach
  • Casey Johnson worked in a shop in London before he joined X-Factor
  • Barclay Beales worked as a tyre fitter before he joined X-Factor
  • Barclay previously wanted to be a professional footballer
  • Both Tom & Barclay got to the X-Factor Bootcamp stages last year (2013).
  • Chris actually used to be in a different boyband
  • Casey says this is his first attempt at making it in music!
  • Reece Bibby taught himself guitar through YouTube videos
  • Chris claims he’s been singing since he was 4
  • Charlie claims he’s been singing since he was 8.
  • Tom is the oldest in the group, while Charlie is the youngest
  • Jake looks after his Mum and sister and says his Mum is his inspiration
  • Reece says his Dad is his inspiration
  • James lives at home with his parents
  • Casey calls himself a ‘ladies man’!
  • Charlie was born in Kent.
  • Jake is a student from Bristol.
  • Reece is from Lancashire.


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