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Only true Panic! At The Disco fans will get 100% in this ridiculously hard quiz! Can you?

Just another Panic! devotee!

Who doesn’t love Panic! At The Disco?! They’ve been around for donkey’s years, and were an essential during our ’00s emo phase – you probs even had ’em on your Bebo skin (remember the hours you spent designing those bad boiz? OFC you do).

PATD! were also total goals when it came to wearing heaps of eyeliner and rocking a sweepy one-eye fringe. OH YEAAHHHHH.


Just like us, though, the guys have come a long way since the good old emo days. The band’s latest album, ‘Death Of A Bachelor’, was soooo good we had it on repeat for days months, and tbh we’re still listening to it now.


Honestly, he’s attempted to play pretty much every instrument imaginable. Bagpipes? Saxophone? Didgeridoo? You name it, he’s tried. Plus he’s just an all-round great guy.


we love Brendon SO much, we decided to put together the hardest Panic! At The Disco quiz imaginable. Just because… *sniggers*

We fangirled with Chrissy Costanza from Against the Current about Marks & Spencer over text… it was AWESOME!

Less than 10% of Twenty One Pilots fans have got 100% on this super difficult quiz, can you?

But be warned – it’s so tricky that only die-hard Panic! fans will get 100%. You’ll have to prove you’re not just another Panic! devotee (soz, we couldn’t resist that one) but the devotee of all devotees.

In other words, you need to know Brendon as well as your own brother. Get ready, get set, gooooooooo.

How did you do? Would Brendon be impressed? Leave a comment below with your score in it.

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