Want to meet Only The Young? Good job they’re on a radio tour then, isn’t it?

If, like us, you’ve been huge fans of one of the best groups to come from The X Factor ever – Only The Young – for ages now, then chances are you’ll be dying to meet them. Are we right? We know we’re right.



Well that brilliant band are busy promoting their brilliant single ‘I Do’ and are talking to a lot of different people in a lot of different cities on their first ever radio tour. And they’re inviting you to join them!

Unfortunately, if you live in Belfast, Carlisle, Cumbria, Lakeland, or Glasgow then you’re simply just too late as OTY have already passed through your city.

But if you live in *deep breath* York, County Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Manchester, Oldham, Staffordshire, Buxton, Ipswich, Norfolk, Guildford, Bristol, Tunbridge Wells, Rochester, Folkestone, Lincoln, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, West Yorkshire, Halifax, West Sussex, Cowbridge, or Torquay then you still have the chance to bump into them on their travels.

They’re going to a lot of places, aren’t they?

Check out the full list below and make sure you send us a selfie and tell them that we love them if you’re lucky enough to meet them.


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