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Only 5% of people have got 100% on the world’s most difficult Philip Pullman quiz…can you?

You’re not in Oxford anymore, Lyra

Philip Pullman announcing a new trilogy is like Christmas come early for us diehard fans. Then make us screech like pterodactyls when he also casually drops in that it’s set in the same world as ‘His Dark Materials’.

Like… Can someone loosen our rib cages so we can actually BREATHE?! Set for release this autumn ‘The Book of Dust’ will be on many a wishlist. But what to do until then? PROVE YOURSELF as the Pullman fan you think you are.

Here be trivia.

This won’t be easy. Sure we’ll pepper a few simpler questions in there to boost your confidence and lull you into a false sense of security but other than that? We’re going hard.

QUIZ: Can you guess the Harry Potter book from a single quote?

12 things every bookworm would do if trapped in a bookshop overnight

So hold on tight to that brain of yours because it’s about to drop out of your head as you squeeze it for answers. We’ve been here before with these ULTIMATE quizzes, but this one tops them all.

Come on, book dragons. Take the challenge. Step up. And then share your scores for the world to see!

How did you do? Are you officially a Philip Pullman fangirl?

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