One Direction songs we feel would’ve smashed the charts as singles

Off of their four albums, One Direction has given us a lot of singles. From Up All Night in 2011, there was ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ ‘Gotta Be You,’ ‘One Thing,’ and ‘More Than This.’ Take Me Home in 2012 brought ‘Live While We’re Young,’ ‘Little Things,’ and ‘Kiss You.’ 2013 and Midnight Memories had ‘One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks,’ ‘Best Song Ever,’ ‘Story Of My Life,’ ‘Midnight Memories,’ and ‘You & I.’ And from Four, so far we’ve had ‘Steal My Girl’ and ‘Night Changes.’ (‘No Control’ gets honorable mention as a DIY, fan-released single.)

Sounds like enough singles to be satisfied with, but there are so many more amazing songs on those albums that would be sitting on the top of the charts if they’d been released, too. Here are the ones we believe could’ve smashed it.

  • ‘Tell Me A Lie’ (Up All Night)

We’ve all been caught yelling, “Tell me I’m a screwed up mess!” Kelly Clarkson knows exactly what words to write to get us feeling angsty. They’re the kind of lyrics that you scribble in your notebook.

  • ‘Same Mistakes’ (Up All Night)

Listen to Zayn sing the refrain and Liam sing the bridge in this song and you’ll know immediately why it’s on this list. Also, it’s one of the few songs that all five of the boys had a part in writing.

  • ‘Over Again’ (Take Me Home)

Nobody writes tongue-tying lyrical poetry quite like Ed Sheeran. This song certainly makes our tears fall down like the showers that are British. They performed this song on the Take Me Home Tour while sitting down, which was probably an indication that we should’ve sat down as well before we swooned.

  • ‘I Would’ (Take Me Home)

Some songs are just way too much fun to sing along badly to. Thank you McFly, for this absolute scream-it-out-your-car-window, dance-in-your-seatbelt hit. (Do you think Louis knew when he sang the line, “He’s got 27 tattoos?” that he’d have over 30 of his own in the next few years? )

  • ‘Happily’ (Midnight Memories)

This will forever be known at the song where the streamer cannons went off during the Where We Are Tour—they exploded just like our hearts did when the song was then removed from the On The Road Again setlist. Oh, Harry, who were you thinking of when you wrote about holding them when they sleep?

  • ‘Through The Dark’ (Midnight Memories)

When that fast guitar strumming starts up, your heart starts pounding right along with it. One of the songs fans connected emotionally with the most, it talks about falling in love with someone who’s been through hard times and being careful with their heart.

  • ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (Four)

The echoing voices, the thumping bass, the, uh, suggestive imagery. It’s one of One Direction’s few songs you can actually fist bump too. Listening to the lyrics, we’re pretty sure this band has had a similar effect on us since they were formedAnd there’s no other place I’d ever wanna go…

  • ‘Fireproof’ (Four)

Remember when they gave us this track for free to promote Four? Remember when we feared we would never live to hear them sing it live? ‘Fireproof’ has been a bit of emotional rollercoaster, but this gorgeous song with Beach Boys-style harmonies never lets you down.

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