11 YouTubers every One Direction fan needs to subscribe to, including LucyandLydia, thatsojack and Tess Christine

YouTube is saturated with videos, it’s almost impossible to find a new fave because there is too many to choose from. But if you LOVE One Direction, we’ve got a few YouTubers that you’re going to go nuts for.

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We’ve got some classic Zoella, makeup master Lottie and reaction king thatsojack. Some you may have heard of, others you won’t, but we know your next fave is in this list of 11. Better get watching.

1) Lottie Tomlinson – She may not have uploaded in a while but she’s Louis’ sister, so you HAVE to subscribe

2) LucyandLydia – 2 of the biggest pop fans around and we think they’re going be super popular YouTubers this year

3) thatsojack -Jack’s reaction videos are what we are living for

4) Megan Elizabeth – She can fill that 1D void guys, check Megan out

5) Zoella – You’re probably already subscribed but if not, what are you waiting for?!

6) Griffin Arnlund – We’re so jealous Griffin got to meet 1D

7) PointlessBlog – Alfie and Marcus go hand in hand as two of One Direction’s biggest fanboys

8) Marcus Butler – Marcus should join One Direction to be honest, he’d make an amazing fifth member

9) Tess Christine – 10/10 vlog and we think she should go to more 1D concerts and film them

10) RyannMinajj – Ryan definitely comes in the top 10 One Direction fans, also we need Siri to talk like 1D

11) Sprinkle of Glitter – We can’t believe Louise got to attend the 1D premiere, what a lucky gal!

There are some real gems there, did you like any of them, or maybe you already knew about a couple? Tweet us @maximumpop and tell us, we’d also love more 1D vlogger recommendations if you have any. We’re off to binge watch thatsojack and RyannMinajj now.

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