Missing One Direction’s WWA tour? Here’s our 11 fave moments.

Calling all Directioners!


As you all may know, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn  AKA One Direction AKA the hottest boy band on the planet, finished off their tour for the year.
The Where We Are Tour kicked off back In April, starting in South America and consisted of the boys being their usual crazy, handsome selves. However, it seems as if it all had gone by in the blink of an eye, with the last show a couple of days ago in Miami, Florida.

Got post concert blues? Bored? No need to worry! Here we have the Where We Are tours top 11 moments.


So, starting us off at number 11, we have Niall Horan’s famous air jump.


Despite telling us all that he wouldn’t be jumping about after his knee surgery, he quickly got back to his old self…

Number 10 is Niall’s regular Instagram videos with pal Mark Jarvis. These videos had a catchy phrase ” Where are we going today Mark?” most of the videos made us laugh however, the last ever one for this tour, brought a tear to our eye:


#wherewegoingtodaymark ? @jarv2475

Afficher sur Instagram

Next at number 9, we have ZAYN’S KILLER high note in ‘You & I’ which gave us chills! Have a listen for yourselves: AMAZING Zayn!

8, HAS to be the fireworks that were set off during several songs! Despite being scared, our Hazza powered through. Here is one of the best photos taken by a fan at the Tampa Florida show :
unknown-2Coming in at number 7, we have the fans favourite dance. The LWWY row! Fans went crazy when the 5 lads got together and rowed their way into girls hearts..

Number 6 we have Harry in a banana suit! Fans made a good laugh out of this one and let me tell you.. He’s too cute… Bless him unknown

In at 5, we have Harry again, left slightly embarrassed, when he saw that his zipper was undone on stage. We weren’t complaining.


At FOUR (see what I did he he), we have the famous crouch grabs from Niall and Harry in ‘better than words’…

*warning, may cause extreme fan girling*

3 is Harry and his CRAZY water sprays!
At 2, we have the SWEETEST thing ever!! The boys helped a man propose to his girlfriend at the concert! ‘ #1DProposal’ was trending on Twitter and people were congratulating the newly engaged couple. If you already seen the heart wrenching vid, here it is…

At number 1 we have… *drum roll pleaseeee*… 

The boys had a group hug at Wembley, but to commemorate the last show, the boys had a heart warming hug (AWW).
And that’s it for the top 11 WWA tour moments.
Next stop, On The Road Again Tour.
Only 124 Days and counting, to go!  on-the-road-again-tour-2015

Written by Daina

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