If you’re expecting One Direction to reunite at The BRITs – don’t. We’re super gutted!

For everyone who is crossing their fingers, toes and entire bodies in hopes that One Direction will be reunited at The BRITs tonight, we come bearing bad news…


According to The Sun, Harry and Niall are going to be no shows at tonight’s star dazzling ceremony, despite being nominated for Best Video.

However, not all is lost as it is reported that Louis and Liam have travelled all the way from LA especially for tonight’s do to join in with the antics and possibly even present an award. HOORAY!

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We aren’t very fond of trusting ‘sources’, but this one has opened up to say “This could have been one last hurrah for the boys at what could be their last Brit Awards as a band.

“But Harry has shown no interest in attending and Niall is away on his holidays in Thailand.

“Louis and Liam want to be there as a thank you for all the fans voting for them in the Best Video category — which is the big audience vote of the night.

“The band still have a massive fanbase and they should clean up in the public vote so they’re hoping it won’t be a wasted trip.”

Wasted trip? PAH! They’re heading home for a bit, gonna look absolutely smouldering in their outfits and see their fans rejoice at the public appearance.

We should all bare in mind that neither Louis or Liam or any representative have confirmed the attendance of 2/4 tonight, but they haven’t denied it, either. It’s all a waiting game, now.

Now, if Narry could kindly turn on their locations as we would like to talk…

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