Liam and Niall dish the dirt on ‘Wolves’ and ‘A.M’. Uhhh why do you do this to us boys?

We practically live for the small snippets of ‘Made in the A.M’ songs that One Direction have been giving us and this time, we got Liam and Niall’s insight on ‘Wolves’ and ‘A.M’.

After the lovely preview of ‘Wolves’, which makes us feel like we’re skipping through a meadow holding our bae’s hand, Leemo gave us his explanation of the song, which is basically all about turning into a protective wolf because you just can’t deal with all of the attention your girl/partner is receiving.

‘A.M’, according to Mr. Horan, was inspired by their late-night studio sessions and is about sitting around with your friends after a party and sobering up together whilst talking about anything and everything.

So where do we sign up for those drunken early morning  conversations with Niall and Liam’s protection in a club?

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