One Direction are standing up to ticket touts. Here’s why we’re standing with them.

Nothing sucks more than the hassle of buying tickets. You wait for ages beforehand and fight to the death to get some, only for it to be sold out in 2 minutes and up for hundreds of pounds on ticket re-sale websites, annoying.


Those people are called touts and they suck. They purchase a large amount of tickets to popular acts, e.g. One Direction so they can re-sell them for a much higher price to the unlucky bunch who didn’t nab any.  No way should anybody have to pay above face value pricing to see their faves, especially in such an unethical way.


That’s why One Direction and 10,000 other people are taking a stand.

Some band and musicians have already implemented fairer ticketing systems by using a ballot. You can enter the ballot to get the chance of purchasing a ticket. If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email or text to notify you about it and you’ll have a limited time to buy it, this is usually about 4 hours and you can only buy up to 2 tickets.

This strategy works for smaller venues but we’re not sure how well it would be for bigger places like arenas and stadiums and it kinda sucks if you want to go in a group. Plus sometimes the purchaser of the tickets HAS to go and show ID, so no using daddy’s bank card.


If you want to take a stand against the touts, you can sign the petition here. With over 10,000 signatures already, the Government have to respond to it and when it reaches 100,000, it’ll be considered for debate in parliament. Let’s stop the touts!


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