MP! Reviews One Direction’s ‘This Is Us’

It’s the film event of the year (and possibly all time)! One Direction’s big screen debut will be hitting cinemas throughout the UK on the 29th of August. We were lucky enough to have an early peek at the film that the whole world is waiting for and here’s what we thought:

This Is Us is a great mixture of music, emotion, laughs and nipples… the perfect combination for any summer flick. We get a glimpse into what the boys are like behind the scenes and we can confirm that they are a ruddy cheeky bunch. As Hazza said at the This Is Us press conference on Monday, “there’s only so much you can get across to your fans through Twitter”.

Performances of some of the boys’ most loved songs from their Take Me Home Tour are also included in the film and are given some added special effects especially for the big screen. One of our favourites was their performance of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ which also included some superheroic visuals, cementing them as the heroes of pop that they are.

The movie offers a look at 1D’s friendships, how they joke about with one another and how they manage to keep each other grounded despite being the biggest boyband…. like EVER!

One of the biggest bombshells from the flick is that Zayn was almost kicked out of the band! This left us shocked and appalled but we can relax as all is good in the 1D hood now.

The movie also focuses on Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis’ relationship with their parents. This had us a little choked up and we may have needed a Kleenex or two. It’s easy to forget that the boys’ worldwide fame makes it hard for them to find quality time with their parents. We couldn’t stop the tears from flowing when Zayn gave his mother keys to her very own house that he had bought for her, we’re even getting pretty emotional thinking about the scene now!

The main thing that we learn from the flick is that One Direction owe everything to their fans and really appreciate that. Simon Cowell even acknowledges the part Directioners played in 1D’s rise to fame. It’s quite the contrast from the picture that Channel 4’s ‘Crazy About One Direction‘ painted of Directioners.

All-in-all the film is a must-see, if not for nudity recordings or the revelation that Niall Horan does smelly farts, for the fact that it’s a pretty quality piece of cinema. We give it a 100 out of 5.

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