5 Things That Will Make The 1D Film A Box Office Smash!

The One Direction movie is looming ever closer! Harry, Liam, Louis,  Niall and Zayn will be popping up on our big screen for their cinema debut this summer. 1D3D ‘This Is Us’ is an access all areas documentary that promises to give us a good look at what went on behind the scenes of the ‘Take Me Home’ Tour. We’re sure the film will be a global success but here are 5 things that we reckon would ensure the flick is a global box office smash:


Zayn/ Perrie Duet

Everyone loves a good love story and Zayn and Perrie are the best love story going on right now in the world of pop. In movies there is only one way to express your love and that is through song, which means a duet is crucial. We are thinking something like ‘You’re The One That I Want’ from Grease or maybe even a ‘Whole New World’. Awww.

2Fisticuffs With The Wanted

Batman has the Joker. Luke Skywalker has Darth Vader. Harry Potter has Voldemort. One Direction have the Wanted. We are hoping for an all out war with The Wanted complete with slow motion punches, dramatic music and samurai swords. Hopefully no one will get hurt and no ones hair will get messed up too badly.

3Taylor Swift Stalking Harry

Like a blonde Phantom Of The Opera, we are totally expecting Swifty to be lurking around behind the scenes. The mask and cape are optional (we think she’ll opt for rhinestone ones personally) but we are sure she’ll be following Harry around, knocking lights on top of innocent crew members or at least singing angry songs at the 1D heartthrob from behind a stage curtain or two.

1D Nudity

One way to ensure high viewing figures is nudity and one way to ensure your ticket sales go through the roof: Naked One Direction. Perhaps Louis could do a ‘Titanic’ and paint Liam “like one of his French girls” or the boys could have a Magic Mike-inspired fantasy sequence. Or maybe even something like the shower scene in Psycho, minus the psycho. We can dream, right? *sighs*

5Directioners, and lots of them!

One thing that already guarantees this movie is going to be massive are One Directions loyal fans, the Directioners. Directioners would go see this film even if it was an hour and a half of them on the loo (and some would prefer that, let’s be honest). 1D love their fans just as much and we are expecting loads of crowd shots of screaming (and swooning) fangirls.

We can’t guarantee that all these things will happen in the film, but we can but hope. However we do know that, in the words of Chezza, we will be “thoroughly entertained”. ‘This is Us’ hits cinemas in the UK on August 23rd.

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