Only One Direction – but NINETY employees!

Guess what? One Direction have become such a ridiculously huge pop success that it takes a team of 90 people – yes, 90! – to keep them safe on the road, looking buff and releasing top tunes.

That works out as a ludicrous 18 people per boybander, but with an entourage including:

  • musicians
  • stylists
  • hairdressers
  • make-up artists
  • tour managers
  • bus drivers
  • security guards
  • personal assistants
  • publicity gurus
  • important record company types

…is it really a surprise that the One Direction gang has grown large enough to set up its own five-a-side football league?

1D and their enormoteam are currently in sunny California whilst continuing their Up All Night tour Stateside. With so many people around, do you reckon the boys would notice if MP! were to sneak along for the ride? Uh oh, here come security…

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