Write on me: 24 beautiful song lyrics that would make perfect tattoos including One Direction, 5SOS & Little Mix

Sometimes song lyrics can really touch a nerve and be extremely relatable or give some incredible advice and sometimes people decide to get those lyrics inked on their bodies. While we aren’t encouraging you to do it, we have found some pretty amazing lyrics that if you wanted to get them permanently scribed on your body, you could do so. Or, you know, get a quote to stick in a frame. Your choice.

One Direction

1d gif

“We will find our way through the dark” – ‘Through The Dark’

“Is it so wrong that you make me strong?”  – ‘Strong’

“If we could only have this life for one more day…” – ‘Moments’

“Words will be just words till you bring them to life” – ‘Another World’

5 Seconds of Summer

5sos giff“Nothing like the rain when you’re outer space” – ‘Outer Space’

“Carry on, let the good times roll” – ‘Carry On’

“Nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same” – ‘Wherever You Are’

“I see the best of times in front of me” – ‘Fly Away’

Little Mix


“Look up on the world with my head held high” – ‘We Are Who We Are’

“Ain’t got nothing to prove, walk a mile in my shoes” – ‘A Different Beat’

“Spread your wings” – ‘Wings’

“Find me in the sky dancing with the moon at night” – ‘Always Be Together’

Justin Bieber

justin bieber gif

“You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall” – ‘Fall’

“I’m giving it all I got sometimes” – ‘Purpose’

“This is my destiny” – ‘Destiny’

“We weren’t necessarily put in the best position to make the best decisions” – ‘Purpose’

Hey Violet

Hey Violet Gif

“I just want a heart to call my own” – ‘I’m There’

“When the dark tries swallowing our light, we can fade or try to make this right” – ‘Sparks Fly’

“The rest of the world is living in the dark, when we light up the sky and they watch the sparks fly” – ‘Sparks Fly’

“We can laugh, we can cry, we can live, never die” – ‘I’m There’

Demi Lovato

demi excited gif

“Now I’m a warrior” – ‘Warrior’

“I make my own choice, I run this show” – ‘Confident’

“Our love is going to conquer it all, we are lionhearts”  – ‘Lionheart’

“I take the blows like a champion”  – ‘For You’

What would you get inked on you? Tweet us @maximumpop and show us if you have any tattoos of lyrics!

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