One Direction got tested on their One Direction knowledge and we would’ve done much better

The four lovely lads of One Direction were tested on their knowledge about their own band by Capital FM and the results were honestly disappointing.

Split into Team Narry and Lilo, they had to answer questions in two different rounds – one about pop culture and the second one about themselves and, let’s just say they were better with pop culture.

Team Narry took off from the start, got most answers right and charmed the quiz hosts while Lilo unfortunately struggled their way through the questions. And when they finally were the first ones to buzz, Liam gets the release year of ‘This Is Us’ wrong.

The quiz did give us something great as well though, namely Louis not being able to contain is fondness over Harry being Harry. They were asked how many Brit Awards they’ve won and Harry replied that he had none because he gave all of them to his mom. Cue Louis being so overwhelmed he rolled his eyes and had to turn away, biting his lip.

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What do you think? Did Lilo deserve to win more? Let us know on Twitter at @maximumpop.

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