Narry and Lilo playing with their balls in this interview is life. See what we did there?

Remember those sneak peaks at Spotify’s interview with the boys we were treated to back in October? Well now the full intensive ping pong video is available to marvel at in all its beauty.

Lilo nipple hit

Not only do we get to watch team Narry and Lilo smack their balls back and forward to one another but we also get to learn some more about the lads. 

Did you know that Harry’s favourite lyric from ‘Made In The A.M.’ is ‘The summertime, and butterflies, all belong to your creation.’

Harry Spotify

Louis doesn’t think pick-up lines still exist and Liam questions whether anyone wants to pick him up. BABES didn’t you realise it was us trying when we asked to stroke your jumper? True story.

Louis Pick Up Lines

Niall has to wear a crazy sock, we’ve seen some of those before peaking out the top of his boots haven’t we?

Niall Spotify

But enough of us explaining, watch the video below and go listen to the winning Narry playlist because there’s some cracking songs on there.

One Direction Ping Pong

Benefits of only having 4 band members – playing ping pong doubles is heaps easier. Listen to the latest One Direction album here:

Posted by Spotify on Saturday, 21 November 2015

Do you think team Narry deserved to win? When do you think we’ll see a Niam and Larry pairing in interviews? Thoughts over to @maximumpop if you want.

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OOOOOOI we can’t wait to see One Direction at tonight’s AMAs. #AMAs1D

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