One Direction – so just what is their ‘Best Song Ever’?

They’re on the edge of unveiling their brand new 3D movie and we just can’t get enough oftheir new tune. Right now, we’re going mad for One Direction. Seriously, we have major 1D-itis at the moment.

So to celebrate, we’ve taking a look back at the singles that Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis have given us already and contemplating which one really  is their ‘best song ever’…

‘What Makes You Beautiful’

Their first and certainly one of their best tunes, the boys come racing down the track with a post-summer blast of fun that tells the object of their affections just how beautiful they are despite the girl believing she’s not all that. Guitar strums and singing ‘na-na-na-na-na’ have never sounded so cool.

‘Gotta Be You’

Their first proper ballad and one that sees them step fully into proper boyband territory. Its maybe not the best song they’ve ever done, but let’s face it, it gave us a video of all the boys wrapped up in cute couture and walking around a forest looking moody and lovely. It was worth it just for that.

‘One Thing’

Apparently riding around atop a London bus is all the range but we’ve never given it a shot – fortunately we get to live out that particular fantasy when 1D use it for their song ‘One Thing’ to sing about their one true love and have some fun messing around with each other’s hair and generally being adorable to the extreme.

‘Live While We’re Young’

The only criticism we really have about the song is that it sounds a hell of a lot like ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ but with some extra harmonising. Does that really matter in the long run? No way. It’s still fun and will end up on dozens of teenage rom-com soundtracks, something we’re not too mad about.

‘Little Things’

Penned by ginger-mopped popstar Ed Sheeran, the tune definitely suited the winter release of this tune and while it’s not one you’d really get your freak on to, it’s pleasant and sweet and became the soundtrack of a million fans. This acoustic treat made a bold yet great choice for a second single and its No.1 spot feels deserved.

‘Kiss You’

Easily the best tune that they released as single, Kiss You is a big old pop song that keeps up their sweet lyrics and gives them a nitrous boost of beats and a chorus so addictive it’s a surprise the government hasn’t stepped in. A sunny and fun tune that turned even hardened pop cynics into casual fans.

‘One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)

Their first solo charity single and it’s an inspired mashup (well it’s two covers and one of them only lasts the middle eight/bridge) of ‘One Way or Another’ and ‘Teenage Kicks’, both of them fantastic teen tunes. The songs are perfectly chosen, encapsulating both of 1D’s main lyrical themes – cute girls! Having fun! – and the video of them doing it across the world and filmed by the boys is quite sweet really.

‘Best Song Ever’

You’ve heard it, you’ve had it on repeat for weeks and the video with plenty of character-swapping and cross-dressing (here’s looking at you, Zayn). Quite frankly, the buzz at MP! HQ has been pretty much whether or not who’s the cutest in the video. Fortunately the tune is also good – it’s probably not the best song ever but it’s still very very good and you can’t say better than that.

‘She’s Not Afraid’

Here’s a fan favourite tune rather than an actual officially released tune. ‘She’s Not Afraid’ is a bonus track on ‘Take Me Home’ and it’s an absolute corker. It has every guitar strum, pounding club beat and big pop chorus you’ve been looking for and is an absolutely fantastic example of how you do great pop music. There’s a lot of fun here and it would have been a brilliant single choice *Sigh* We can but dream.

So then, what do you think is the best song ever that 1D have ever put their name to? Doesn’t matter if it’s a big single or an album track, let us know in the comments and vote in the poll!


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