This awesome YouTuber imagined if One Direction was Siri and now we need Apple to make it happen ASAP

Who actually uses Siri, unless it’s for the bants or hiding a dead body? (We wish we could still ask that!) But here is what could make Siri and Apple a million times better. Two words: One Direction. Forget Siri’s boring voice and say hello to Harry Styles.

giphy (44)

Ryann Minajj did the first video of 1D as Siri and we’re totes loving Sarah’s aka Queen Halo’s version, they should definitely do a collab about our faves. If you’re in a need of a giggle, give this a watch.

If you LOVE One Direction, you need to check out the rest of Sarah’s YouTube channel, pretty much everything she posts is 1D related – perfect!

What did you think to the boys as Siri? Let us know @maximumpop on Twitter, maybe we should make a petition to change Siri’s voice.


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