Missed Scott Mills interview with One Direction? Get the best bits right here.



This afternoon (29th October) Scott Mills had the pleasure of interviewing One Direction just a couple of hours before their secret book signing session in a secret location…

If you missed this major event, no problem! We’re here to tell you all the best bits.

    1. According to Liam they’re actually secret agents.
      He’s still probably a bit taken by the You & I fragrance commercial.
    2. No one knows what happened to the WMYB van and we sorta want to know, really.
    3. Harry listened to the whole new album FOUR in the car. giphy
    4. For Scott Mills FOUR sounds “BIG”. (He listened to 5 songs, including “The Next Single”).
    5. Niall, Zayn and Liam’s favourite from FOUR is ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’; Harry’s “The Next Single”; Louis said “I actually like Fireproof. The one we let out for free”. LouisSassy
    6. “The Next Single” is called ‘Night Changes’.
    7. Louis did a great job directing the microphone during the interview.
    8. Liam and Niall watch golf until 5am when in Charlotte (North Carolina) they were forced to stay in hotel.
    9. How do you get a follow from one of the boys? It’s totally random BUT you have a chance with Zayn if you send him some good art and with Harry if you write something nice and polite.
    10. Harry said “Vanilla Latte with a shot of Caramel Cream” in the most sexy way possible on earth.
    11. THIS.

      Scott: Have any of you ever got a girlfriend just for the winter? Harry: What do you mean?
      Harry: Not on purpose?!
      Scott: On purpose.
      Harry: What, as in you aim to just have the girlfriend for the winter? I don’t think you ever aim for it, do you?
      Harry: You just think, ‘You know what, I don’t think I’m gonna get enough Christmas presents this year, I’ll get a girlfriend so I get a couple more.’

    12. Scott Mills wants to dance at Zayn and Perrie’s wedding.
    13. Niall gave Scott dance advice.
    14. Talking about iCloud and things on iCloud:

      Harry: It’s the first thing I heard [from a guy with a video camera] as I walked out and he went: ‘DO YOU HAVE ANY NUDES ON THE CLOUD?’ I said: ‘Yeah, loads.’
      [cackles] Did you?
      Harry: … No
      To be fair, I’ve never used iCloud but I have been tempted but since this, no no.

    15. Zayn has a Nokia 3310 and the ringtone is ‘Nokia Tune’. Fandom be like
    16. Harry: Have you ever seen the video of what happens when you win Snake?
      Scott: No
      Harry: NOTHING happens.

Listen to the brilliant interview and the lads beautiful voices here

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