1D’s rider has leaked online – let’s see what the boys like to have on tour!

One Direction’s latest tour rider has been splashed all over the internet. A rider is basically a list of what the boys, the crew and production team need and would like on tour. So, do the boys have diva demands? Water at room temperature? A cocktail bar? Spray tan booth? Uhh, not really. Here are some of the best bits on the rider…

Four “star” dressing rooms


While there’s 5 members of the band, there only seems to be 4 dressing rooms on the rider. Which of your ships is sharing? We totally think it’s Zouis. No doubt they play on their PS4 right up until showtime.

Kleenex Tissues

Harry crying

Those two words are mentioned a few times throughout the rider. We wonder why… *wink wink nudge nudge* clearly they watch ROM-COMS!

Full length mirror

niall kiss

Clearly this is for checking themselves out. Quiff fixing, flexing… there’s probably a shed load of mirror selfies floating about we are dying to see.

High speed wifi

Harry laptop

We all know the agony of slow wifi. How else are they meant to keep up with Maximum Pop! articles and stalk Tumblr?

Ping pong table & games room

Narry ping pong


Homemade Food 

Liam pizza gif

Because ASDA Smart Price tinned food just won’t do. Bet they’d settle for a Dominos or even a KFC if offered, though.

Surprised? Didn’t expect some things? Expected others? In all fairness, most of the rider is equipment,etc. for tour. We were half expecting a fridge full of snacks, games consoles, plasma TV and sound systems!

What would you have on your rider? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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