One Direction fans prove their power once again, by making a potato fabulous and famous.

It’s no surprise by now that One Direction fans have a heart of gold and are a force to be reckoned with. Over these five glorious years they’ve raised awareness and a HUGE amount of money for some charities close to the boys hearts.


They’ve also championed worldwide campaigns such as the ‘No Control Project‘ and ‘Rainbow Direction‘. Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis popped along to see Jimmy Kimmel to perform some tracks and also talk about making friends in toilets, as you do.

We all know anything the lads touch pretty much turns to gold, hell we’d pay for one of Louis’ water bottles with a bit of his saliva still in it. With this in mind we were graced with the official One Direction potato.

I mean we wouldn’t eat a potato that had been kissed by Niall and been rubbed in those luscious non-greasy locks.

Harry potato

The 1D Potato now has an amazing 13.8K followers on Twitter (including us), 5300 likes on Facebook and 102K followers on Instagram, we think it’s safe to say that it is indeed the most famous potato in the history of root vegetables.

Welcoming the newest member of our family. The One D Potato – @The1DPotato. Backstage @jimmykimmel

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Well done everyone, our work here is done.

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Louis and Harry aren’t the only members of 1D who make friends in toilets then, eh Niall?

‘The way Tyler writes and shares his experiences makes you feel like you’ve lived them yourself.’