One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ is here, so what do you think?

Rumours and lyrics have been floating around about One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ like that nasty cold going around that you just can’t get rid of. Would we even know about ‘Perfect’ yet if it wasn’t for that Apple Music slip up? Either way, we’re loving life right now.

‘Perfect’ was written by ‘Harry and me’ basically it’s the Larry song that the universe has been waiting for, although some source (probably as reliable as a pair of crocs in the rain) has said it’s about that age old Haylor relationship. Uhm, we don’t think so.

If you heard it haven’t yet then get your earbuds around ‘Perfect’ below, obviously it’s everything you were expecting and more. It’s like an explosion of feels, emosh and sexual tension.

Louis you’ll always be our knight in shining armour.

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