One Direction really do look hot af in these new tour program snap, save us.

Haven’t got tickets to see One Direction at any of their shows? Have you stalked through every Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis situation about the tour so far online 1000 times? Don’t you worry friends because we may just have the perfect treat for you.

Word on the street is One Direction brought out a new tour programme last night for their O2 Arena show… well it’s not just word on the street because we have cold hard evidence that we can confirm it’s very much true. Oh and we are going to share it with you…


One at a time so you are okay…

Here’s our boy Louis Tomlinson working those stripes.

Stay calm we have the other lads too. Prepare for some solo moody shots. Except Liam because he’s smiling. Oh and definitely prepare for Harry’s shirt.


Who’s ready for some group shots?



So that’s about all we can handle for now but they should bide you some time until this evening when there will be brand new videos of the lads.

And let’s face it probably Harry falling over, that hasn’t happened in a few shows has it…

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