You Decide: Should One Direction have their own Nickelodeon TV show?

UPDATE: Over 1,500 votes, 54 comments and a whole load of arguments later, and we’ve all reached a decision. The result of our vote on whether or not One Direction should have their own Nickelodeon TV show? A resounding NO. Lucky for you guys, it was confirmed yesterday that there aren’t any plans just yet to make the programme happen.

Check out our favourite comments below and leave your own if you agree or disagree with the outcome…

Sarah Reay: “One Direction have yet to scratch the surface of the music industry and still need to grow as artists.”

Jellilegs587: They should totally make a documentary about them I mean everyone wants to know more about them right???”

Kevin The Pigeon: “One Direction is not appropriate for 9 year olds. Like if you actually watch their vids and look at their tweets and stuff, you would agree. they are very immature, dirty-minded guys.”

We don’t know One Direction’s management. We don’t know One Direction’s PR team. Shamefully, we’ve never even done a proper interview with the boys. But we do know YOU and despite the fact that none of us have any say in the matter, we want to know your thoughts on the latest development in the 1D story.

As you’re all aware by now, even though the boys haven’t signed any kind of deal, Nickelodeon confirmed on Twitter last night that a One Direction TV show is in development. Now, this could mean anything. It could just be a one-off documentary. It could be a mini series about next year’s tour. It could be a 24 hour live stream of Zayn’s face in extreme close-up – and it might never even happen. But it’s likely that the channel are working on a scripted comedy/drama TV series to help launch the band properly in the US, just like they did before with Jonas Brothers and Big Time Rush.

And then the Internet exploded… Lots of Directioners had plenty to say. If you want to see well formed, intelligent and on-the-ball thoughts, you can click here. Alternatively you could ask this shouty mental woman for her opinion.

But now that the dust has settled, and the band themselves are yet to confirm or deny the plans, we want to know where YOU stand on this subject. Of course, One Direction are looking to take over the world – but should they be concentrating on the music and keep focusing on what made us love them in the first place, or are they right to use this is as another weapon to take over the USA?

Cast your votes in the poll below, then leave a comment to let us know what you voted for and why. We’ll announce the results at 10pm on Sunday (March 18th) and pass them on to someone at Nickelodeon to see…


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