Zayn Malik reveals that One Direction’s mums don’t really like their tattoos, Niall guffs the most. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. One Direction dreamboat Zayn Malik has been spilling all in the latest issue of Top Of The Pops magazine, speaking about their mums’ views on their tattoos, toys, and the band’s biggest farter.

Talking about the tatts, Zayn said: “Obviously mums don’t really like tattoos, and [my mum’s] a bit like, ‘When you’re older, what are you going to do?’ But I think when I’m an older bloke, they’ll still look cool.”

But are the boys still mummy’s boys? Maybe not so much, but they do still like a play around. Perrie Little Mix’s future hubby continued, “We are all big kids when it comes to toys… I think we’re past the teddy bear stage but lightsabers are cool.”

Mr Malik also lets rip on the gassiest member of the band (see what we did there?), “Niall farts the most out of everyone… They’re kind of bearable – or I might have just become immune to them!”

We wonder how long it’ll take rumoured girlfriend Barbara Palvin to get used to them? POP BITS OUT.

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