One Direction’s ‘Midnight Memories’ – Amazing Album Alert

The day is finally upon us, people. No, we haven’t got our dates mixed up and gone bonkers thinking it’s Christmas already. We’re on about ‘Midnight Memories’, the third album from THE BEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD One Direction, being released.

If you haven’t heard it yet, we strongly suggest you drop everything and get on Spotify right now, because your ears deserve this. The boys have grown up *wipes away a tear of pride* and even have manly stubble to prove it. Their latest musical effort shows just how far they’ve come since they were all dinky and entering the X Factor.

We already know the opening track, ‘Best Song Ever’, and as amazing as it is it sounds a bit out of place next to the rest of the album, which is full of loud, rebellious guitars and Mumford and Sons-style banjo strumming. ‘Story Of My Life’, which Liam described on its release as sounding ‘like the Lion King’ (no, we’re not sure why, either) is just one of three, yes THREE, heart-wrenching ballads on this musical beauty, with ‘You And I’ and bonus track ‘Half A Heart’ treating us to more of the boys’ poetic musings on heartbreak. If there wasn’t the amount of storming, in-your-face power pop numbers to balance it out, we’d be a blubbering mess volunteering to stroke Harry and co’s luscious hair and tell them it will all be OK. (Note: we’re quite happy to do that anyway).

The storming power-pop comes in the form of title track ‘Midnight Memories’, which is basically just one big list of the kind of problems you encounter as a member of One Direction, from having to hop ‘straight off the plane to a new hotel’ to cramming ‘way too many people in the Addison Lee’ (it’s a posh taxi firm). It also sounds a lot like a classic Eighties rock track called ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, which you might have heard of because a) you’ve seen Rock Of Ages, or b) you just asked your dad.

‘Little Black Dress’ and ‘Little White Lies’ may have similar titles but they’re two standalone highlights of the album. The retro rock feel is there again, as well as a bit of dubstep-style booming. ‘Through The Dark’ sounds like Gary Barlow might have had a hand in writing it and is one of the less memorable tracks, while ‘Diana’ (that one that was naughtily leaked months ago, that we DEFINITELY didn’t listen to until now) is the one you’ll want to belt into your hairbrush with its soaring chorus.

All in all, ‘Midnight Memories’ is more than enough proof that the five lovelies are capable of something that’s still pop at heart, but with a far more sophisticated feel, to match their new image of suits, boots and pocket squares. Louis is also credited with a big chunk of the songwriting, and we’re already excited to hear what they might come out with next. Boys, if it’s more weepy ballads, remember we’re on hand for a cuddle!

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