From singing toothbrushes to lunch boxes, One Direction merchandise you’re going to want on your shopping list

With One Direction being the biggest boyband in the world right now, there’s some pretty amazing merch out there for you to get your hands on. From travel flasks and lunch boxes to, erm, rollerskates and cakes, there’s not a product out there that’s safe from having Harry and co’s face emblazoned on it.  Check out our gallery below.

There’s plenty more from where these came from and our friends at Popjustice have been trawling the shops in the name of obsessive fandom gift ideas to see what other 1D goodies you can pick up. There’s even a singing toothbrush – yes, a SINGING TOOTHBRUSH – so you can be serenaded with with 1D’s greatest hits while polishing you gnashers. Check out their blog post.

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