‘Love You Goodbye’ supposedly is the next release from One Direction’s new album

For all of us poor folk who haven’t been able to go to a listenig party, the next unheard song off of ‘Made in the A.M’ will apparently be ‘Love You Goodbye’ and here are our predictions.

Louis has said that this is the song he’s most excited about because he wrote a huge chunk of it, so we’re expecting something along the lines of ‘No Control’ with Louis slaying us all with his voice.

If we go with the title, maybe it’s what the boys say to each other before they part ways after a concert, but if we were to believe some media outlets, shouldn’t that be Hate You Goodbye? Especially because Louis and Harry hate each other so much?

It also sounds like a song we’d sing to our last piece of cake or pizza before eating it as a nice goodbye before it’s never to be seen again.

But honestly, whatever the song is actually about, we’re sure it’s gonna be awesome and we can’t wait to find out on November 10th.

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