One Direction’s ‘Kiss You’ – Our 5 favourite YouTube covers.

As everyone in the world knows (or should know), One Direction’s ‘Kiss You’ is a bit of a tune – it’s catchy, it’s unashamedly poppy and it’s an ear-snagging little treat for your ears. However, there are hundreds of cover versions on YouTube – and dozens of listenable ones. Because we love you, you lovely readers you, we’ve sifted through every cover version of the song in existence and compiled a list of our favourite five covers of ‘Kiss You’. No need to thank us.

1Megan Nicole

Views: 4,026,065 since 24th Jan
Originality: She’s a girl singing it rather than five guys. It’s a wholesome, sweet, happy take on an already fun song but aside from ‘Disneyfying’ it slightly she’s not really made any changes to the song itself.
The video: Very well produced for someone so young, though we do suspect the use of blue-screen. Megan has some pretty great vocals for such a young singer and the whole thing is as sweet, pink (the video is VERY pink) and enjoyable as candy floss on a warm summer’s day.

2 Hollywood Ending

Views: 365,137 since 23rd December
Originality: We’ve all agreed that ‘Kiss You’ is the greatest boyband song of all time? Yes. Great. So of course, every boyband worth their salt should tackle ‘Kiss You’. Hollywood Ending’s version is more acoustic and  mellow – it sounds like it’d be the perfect soundtrack for a summer picnic or a beach bonfire.
The video: There isn’t much to this video, just the band playing in front of some equipment cases. Fortunately, they spend just enough time staring prettily in the camera to distract us – sneaky. Someone should probably tend to that fire in the background though? 

3The Vamps

Views: 743,911 since 7th December
Originality: Fresh-faced schoolboy trio the Vamps also manage to make a pretty cool take on the tune – it’s all very acoustic and guitar-based as the three of them harmonise well and sound like they could be the kid brothers to BGT’s Loveable Rogues.
The video: Filmed ‘on location’ in a London hotel-room, all the video really needs is the boys singing and looking adorable. Which is all it really has. But Harry Styles best watch out, there’s a new curly-barnetted cutie in the form of Bradley.

Tiffany Alvord & Jason Chen

Views: 852,279 since 18th January
Originality: The only duet on our list, Tiffany and Jason work well together and are rare in music – a duo of voices that harmonise with decent enough results, although we do suspect there’s a little too much use fo autotune.
The video: It’s all pretty daft and funny. We haven’t quite decided if this should be rewarded extra points or have them deducted for the use of potted shrubbery. The sparky chemistry between the two of them is obvious and adds a lot of joyous fun to the video.

5Ebony Day

Views: 151 since yesterday
Originality: Ebony Day’s cover is the most ‘authentic’ and most original of the five we’ve picked. There’s a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing as she makes the song her own and it’s still easily a cut above most of the other covers out there.
The video: This was filmed for the Maximumpop YouTube channel so we think it is the best filmed, best performed and all-around bestest ever. And no, we’re not being biased – not at all. But it does look like we got Ebony to sing this in a sauna.

What do you reckon? Did we miss any good cover versions out? Tweet us any we missed @maximumpop and feel free to send us your take on the song.

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