All the best bits from One Direction on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, all in one place for you.

ICYMI – but honestly, how did you? – James Corden just gifted us with the best interview ever featuring One Direction, obv. Hands down to James, he was amazing, as usual.

If you really missed this and Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson high five their balls here’s a recap of all the things you missed.

  • 1D – or OT4 if you prefer – are glued together with some intergalactic special glue.
  • OT4 are never thinking to end One Direction. Look at Niall and Louis proudly shaking their cute heads.
  • Band interactions. Harry and Louis REALLY, GENUINELY interact.
  • ‘Project No Control’. Yes! Yes!! YES!!!
  • James Corden’s ‘No Control’ lyrics interpretation
  • Harry in shorts.
  • No shitty questions. Nothing about fake girlfriends or whatever else interviewers generally ask to 1D.

Now, time to watch the full interview, it’s down here:

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