15 of the best 1D interviews that are sure to make you chuckle

Feel like laughing or maybe you’re having a down day? The best medicine is right here, in the form of our top 15 funniest 1D interviews. We’ve got clips ranging from the iconic Carpool Karaoke to the painfully uncomfortable The View chat.


  1. The iconic Carpool Karaoke.

2. The most painfully awkward interview EVER.

3. The dance-off of the century!

4. “You’re ripping my skin”

5. “I love you but here’s a phone to the head”

6. When they acted like a bunch of silly children and smushed our hearts.

7. We’re still awaiting Niall’s hip hop album.

8. Playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Ellen was pretty insightful.

9. Not strictly an interview but Niall in Tattoo Roulette was SO intense, our poor baby.

10.  This slightly awkward but hilarious Fourplay.

11. Tyler Oakley interviewing 1D aka our favourite thing in the world.

12. The secondhand embarrassment is real.

13. The toughest 1D interview they’ve ever experienced.

14.  Every 1D interview should include a ‘Never Have I Ever’ tbh.

15. Last but not least, the Serious Lyric Game had us in stitches.

We hope you enjoy all of these, they’re sure to make you giggle! Got any other fave 1D videos? Make sure to let us know about them over on Twitter @maximumpop

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