One Direction have finally spoken about their break – can next year just pass quickly please?!

We’ve all felt like the world will end when rumours started that One Direction are going to take a break next year and we’re honestly still spooked, but the gorgeous lads made us look forward to the hiatus.

Speaking to Beats1 Radio on Tuesday they revealed that they think the hiatus will bring them back better and stronger then ever and that they’ll definitely come back.

‘I actually think that having a break will bring nothing but better music and us with more energy for performance. We’ll be able to give more to our craft rather than being something that’s made… not that our new album was rushed at all. It’s going to be nice and we’re all going to go and explore music a bit more.’

Sounds like they’ll come back with music that will be even more their own, but you honestly can’t hate us if we say that next year should just hurry up and be over.

And if that still doesn’t console you then just think of how dashing they’ll look in a years time when they’re relaxed and energized like Duracell bunnies again.

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